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The year is 210 AD (After Dark), and times been trying since the Battle of Callathan. The beginning of what has widely been thought as of the end of times all began around 220 years ago, when dark forces swept across the world. Legend suggests that creatures from a distant land joined forces with Emperor Gorgath of the north, and quickly began to wreak havoc across the continents. Within 10 short years only a few civilizations remained in defiance of Gorgath, and the culmination of 10 years of warfare was about to come to an end in what would be known as The Rift.

That was 210 years ago now, and legends are a fickle thing. The stories of Gorgath the Dreadful and his iron horde are little more than bedtime tales to scare the children. Little remains of that terrible time, and of those that have lived to see the change in the world are growing fewer and fewer by the day. Soon none will be left that can claim to have seen the sun and its brilliance, as all now live in a world of darkness.

Safe within Kaegans wall, you find yourself wondering what lies beyond. What mysteries and people are beyond the sea to the east? How far north of the wall do the Blackbriar Mountains climb? How far south beyond the Redwood Gate does the Dark Forest grow? Which legends of old hold historical truths and which are simply tales meant to keep the adventurous at heart at bay?

Do you dare seek the answers to these questions? Will you brave the night and pursue truth? Or will you rest safely by the shore of Wynden Castle and enjoy some of Hector’s Hot Cocoa at The Festival of Lights?

Be wary adventurer… Few are brave enough to walk the night. Far fewer still are skilled enough to live to tell the tale.

Home Page

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